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Author Topic: Got myself a new ride... and a something with a turbo at that...  (Read 1903 times)
Crashtest Dummy
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#13 STC Chevy Turbo Sonic

« on: December 02, 2013, 06:21:51 PM »

Not a dedicated auto-x car or anything, but this turbo Sonic I got sure is a bit more fun to drive than his older (2005) brother (Aveo).  I'll be looking forward to trying to run this through a couple of courses during the course of this summer.  Stock the Sonics are 35hp more powerful than the Aveo regardless of if it is a 1.8 NA or a 1.4 Turbo.  The turbo is a bit more peppy in its own way over the 1.8's and gets freaking great mileage.... about       4-5mpg better than the Aveo or the 1.8 sonics.. when keeping your foot out of it.    Grin

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