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Author Topic: ABS Help -- anyone?  (Read 1407 times)
Crashtest Dummy
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#13 STC Chevy Turbo Sonic

« on: March 23, 2016, 03:50:08 PM »

Hey all.. this might seem like the dumbest post ever since turning off all of the assist nannies in a vehicle is likely the best thing for autocross..... right... ?  Funny thing is that about 8 months ago I was wondering what you might need to do to turn off all of that stuff.  Did some reading and never actually tried pulling any fuses or anything.  All on its own my car's (Chevy Sonic 1.4 turbo) ABS / TC system just quit working...  It was a gradual fail though... like sometimes you'd start up the car and it would work.. other times not..  Seems like it just kept getting more frequent until after about 2 months worth it just quit all together. 

Now.. here is the messed up part.  I took it to a shop to have them look at it...  it is throwing a code saying the right rear ABS sensor is bad or not reading.   That sensor has been replaced with a factory sensor and after it was replaced... same thing.  (the shop had it for 2-3 hours)  They asked if I could bring it back and leave it for a day so they could order and replace the ABS brake control module.  After about 3/4 of a day went by after I drop it off again... they said that they replaced the module, unplugged the battery and checked it out.. still no go... same reading. 

They said that the front 2 wheels when rotated they can see that they are picking up data, but nothing from either rear at all.   The place I took it to I know is a good shop my neighbor has used reliably for years... anyone here have any ideas other than taking it to another shop?  I mean they looked it over for wire breaks and everything they could and after 8-10 hours worth of total looking bubkis...   

For anyone still awake..  I don't really need this for Auto-x obviously and was likely gonna disable anyway, but I'd like it to work for emergency conditions on the road like rain, snow and such... Anyone have anything like this happen before?
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