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Author Topic: FOR SALE: 1993 BMW 325i (sedan) ‘fully’ built for SCCA SOLO(Autocross) STX.  (Read 1059 times)
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Run what ya brung!

« on: May 21, 2017, 03:48:57 PM »

FOR SALE: 1993 BMW 325i (sedan) ‘fully’ built for SCCA SOLO(Autocross) STX.

Multiple #1 Top PAX wins at local events, and trophy winning car at 2014 Solo Nationals (its only visit to Nationals)

I bought this car in complete ‘stock’ form and transformed the car to what it is today.

$8,000 with all extras and spare parts

This car would ALSO be a great candidate for a HPDE track car/TT/Spec E36 Car. All it would need is a cage, harnesses, and perhaps a few other items.
Custom tuneable with Miller W.A.R. Chip and stock chip (https://www.millerperformancecars.com/store/war-chip/best-bmw-chip-miller-w-a-r-chip-detail )

Currently 180hp/171tq

This car was COMPLETELY ‘gone through’ from head to toe with new parts (details below).

There is NO rust on this car, I specifically found one where the rocker panels and all other parts did not have any rust on them. There are a few ‘blemishes’ here and there on the car, as it is NOT in show condition, but on par for an almost 25 year old car.

**There is a small bit of damage on the driver side door that DOES NOT hinder the use of the door being opened or closed, locking the car, or getting in and out of the car. I have a replacement door that just needs painted to match the color and hung on the car, it will be included with the car. Pictures are in the link of the damage. I went an entire season of autocrossing with the car like this, and it was never a problem for me.**

All pictures that I documented from this build can be found here, please let me know if you have any questions - http://s976.photobucket.com/user/bmwohio/library/1993%20E36%20For%20Sale?sort=2&page=1


Car was ‘transformed’ at 187,089 miles

Current mileage 192,779 miles (5,690 miles on rebuilt head, including a trip to Solo Nationals in Lincoln, NE)

Engine/Under the Hood:

Rebuilt/Refreshed head done at 187,089 miles):
- head was pressure tested, tanked, decked (within BMW spec) and valvetrain was completely rebuilt
-new OEM valve spring retainers
-new OEM keepers
-new OEM valve guides
-new OEM valve stem seals
-fuel injectors were sent away to be cleaned and flow tested back to 100%
-every single hose under the hood was replaced with new OEM hoses
-Vanos rebuilt with new Besian seals
-new OEM Timing chain tensioner piston and spring
-new OEM Timing chain guide rail
-new OEM Oil filter gasket
-new OEM Main drive/AC belts and all corresponding pulleys
-Behr radiator
-Bimmerworld Oil distribution block, which is paired with stainless line for a remote sender to run oil pressure/temp gauges.
-New hoses for the cooling system (yes, every single hose for the cooling system was replaced)
-new OEM Knock sensors
-many new assorted hose clamps
-new OEM valve cover studs (other ones broke)
-new OEM oil pan gasket
-new OEM idler pulleys
-all new OEM power steering parts and hoses
-new OEM high pressure power steering hose with banjo fitting
-new OEM fuel filter
-AKG 75D (red) Motor Mounts and Tranny mounts

-Complete TC Kline Double Adjustable Suspension with 500F/600R Springs (will also come with a BRAND NEW set of 600F/700R springs for different set-ups) with TC Kline Camber plates.
- stock front and rear sway bar and 28MM 2-way adjustable H&R front sway bar included in the sale
-new OEM Meyle HD front control arms
-new 90A Poly Rear Trailing arm bushings with limiters
-RTA pocket reinforcement plates installed
-new OEM Lemforder rear lower control arms
-new OEM eccentric bolts for rear camber adjustment


-Miller W.A.R. Chip which is fully customizable on a dyno through a laptop computer. Included in the sale will be a laptop computer running Windows XP along with the software and all the needed cables to tune the car. Car was originally tuned for 2 hours on a dyno to produce the HP and torque curve it has now. This is includes a Zero speed limiter that can be changed to different RPM’s in the car if you like. This was very useful for Pro Solo’s to test during practice starts on Friday to find the ‘sweet spot for launching at the start.

-Custom lightweight Wilwood front calipers (weight 1.5 pounds per caliper) with Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads front and rear (picture of calipers in photobucket link)

-3.15 LSD rebuilt rear differential with 40% lock-up

-Recaro Pole Position Driver Seat and Corbeau Passenger seat (both sides included with Schroth Quick release 4 point harnesses with Anti-Submarine technology

-Full custom exhaust from the headers back - EBAY lightweight headers with 2 Burns lightweight mufflers with a turn-down just before the rear differential - whole exhaust only weighs 26 pounds!

-Oil pump nut is done and secured with safety wire (pictures in photobucket link)
-Car will come with 3 sets of wheels:
-1 set of REAL SSR wheels (unicorn wheels) (15.5 lbs/wheel!) 17x9
-1 set of APEX ARC-8 wheels in gunmetal grey 17x9
-1 set of E36 ‘bottlecaps’ that I was using for ‘travel wheels’ for long trips so I didn’t have to travel on the race tires (All 4 wheels/tires will fit in back seat)
-Spare differential included in the sale (3.15)
-Spare transmission included in the sale
-Spare front fender lines (driver and passenger)
-2 spare front hubs
-2 spare rear half shafts with boots
-All stock suspension with stock springs included
-Both stock front seats (in really good shape) included in the sale too
-Fog Lights (currently uninstalled)

This list below is one of the larger receipts of parts I ordered for this car - As you can see I always ordered new hardware, gaskets, etc, that needed done while parts were getting replaced. No stone went unturned during this build, it is a SOLID car.

Accessory Drive Belt Tensioner Pulley; Alternator and/or AC Belt
Control Arm; Front Lower Left
Control Arm; Front Lower Right
Control Arm; Rear Lower; Axle Support to Trailing Arm;
Coolant Hose; 4-Way Hose from Block to Heater Outlet
Coolant Hose; Air Cleaner (Warmup Thermostat) to Throttle Housing
Coolant Hose; Cylinder Head to Air Cleaner (Warmup Thermostat)
Cover Trim Cap for Bolts
Expansion Tank/Coolant Reservoir Hose; From Expansion Tank to 4-Way Hose
Heater Hose; Inlet 1; Cylinder Head to Heater Valve
Hose Clamp; 16-27mm (approx. 0.6 - 1.0 inch); Pack of 10
Hose Clamp; 25-40mm (approx. 1.0 - 1.6 inch)
Hose Clamp; 40-60mm;
Hose Clamp; 40-60mm;
Idle Air Control Valve Hose; Connector with O-Ring; Idle Control Valve Hose
Idle Air Control Valve Hose; Idle Control Valve to Intake
Idle Air Control Valve Hose; O-Ring Seal, 24x3.5mm; Hose Connector at Intake Manifold
Idler Pulley/Roller; Water Pump/Alternator; Offset Mounting; Water Pump/Alternator Belt, Offset Mounting
Knock Sensor/Detonation Sensor
Oil Drain Plug Gasket; 14mm Aluminum Seal Washer; 14x18x1.5mm
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Kit
Oil Pan Gasket
Power Steering Fluid Reservoir; With Integral Filter
Power Steering Hose; Low Pressure Hose from Reservoir to Power Steering Pump
Radiator Coolant Hose; Lower Radiator to Thermostat Housing
Radiator Coolant Hose; Upper Radiator to Thermostat Housing
Seal Ring for Power Steering Lines; 16x22mm
Timing Chain Tensioner Spacer Bushing; Aluminum Washer, 26x31x2mm
Timing Chain Tensioner; For Upper Chain (Camshaft to Camshaft)
Valve Cover Stud; M7/6x29.5mm
Water Pump Gasket; O-Ring

I’m sure there are some things I am forgetting and I will update if needed, so please ask!
I am willing help deliver car and parts within a reasonable distance, just ask.
you can message me or reach me at kbushmeyer@aol.com or you can text me at 614 five eight zero 1 six seven 6.

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Stirring the pot...

« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 04:07:06 PM »

Buy with confidence with Kale! Lotta fun for not a lotta dough!

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I have two big heavy 'Murican race cars. Must be an old guy thing.
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Run what ya brung!

« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2017, 04:45:08 PM »

Car is SOLD! Thanks for looking

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Rich Grunenwald
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Stirring the pot...

« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2017, 07:24:19 PM »

Damn! That was quick! Staying local?

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I have two big heavy 'Murican race cars. Must be an old guy thing.
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