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Author Topic: 2000 BMW M Roadster Supercharged $12,500  (Read 608 times)
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« on: August 14, 2019, 04:29:42 PM »

2000 BMW M Roadster, Titan silver metallic over black interior, just over 98k miles.

This car is an absolute blast to drive and Iíll probably regret selling it, but between Ohioís crappy weather and my boring highway commute, it just doesnít get used enough to justify keeping it much longer. Iím trying to keep the listing short, the linked album has a ton of photos and a more detailed list of mods and maintenance history mods and maintenance list in the attached photo album. Note the photos show a Sparco driverís seat. That was done to facilitate my tall torso fitting nicely in the car. It will be sold with the stock seat reinstalled or the Sparco can be negotiated into the deal. This has been to a few OVR events and is phenominally fun to autocross if not terribly fast.

Album link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qKGvTjA1HiNFPXpU6

Major Mods:

Active Autowerke supercharger kit with oil cooler and upgraded HKS supercharger

ST coilovers, rear shocks replaced with bilsteins and better bump stops added for better control

AKG rear subframe bushings

Mechanical fan delete

The Good:

Extensive maintenance done during my ownership plus some by the previous owner, basically a full 100k mile refresh and then some (full detailed list shown in photo album).

Supercharged power is awesome, 310/270 according to dyno sheet provided by the previous owner. Basically all the power of a S54 (and then some) without the concern over rod bearing failur

Wheels were refinished last spring and look awesome.

Common interior issues (sagging glove box, broken seatbelt guides) have been fixed.

The Bad:

Recurring CEL codes P1188/1189 (Short term fuel trims) as far as I can tell this is just an issue with the tune that should be easily fixed if you need to pass emissions. All potential sources have been replaced and the engine runs fine and gets reasonable mileage. CEL bulb is burned out so no warning light

Intermittent seatbelt light for the passenger seatbelt buckle sensor. So far the solution has been to keep the passenger belt buckled all the time.

Cruise control does not work. Air conditioning works but isnít as strong as it could be.

Rear main seal recently started weeping a small amount of oil. Enough to leave a couple of drops overnight but thatís about it. No other fluid leaks/burns.

Paint isnít perfect. Iíd call it a solid ten footer, but the front bumper has a decent amount of rock chips and has been scraped on driveways some in a past life. Also thereís a small scuff on the front edge of the passenger door (pictured) and a few minor dings that are barely noticeable and hard to capture in a photo. Car was originally equipped with the terrible rear spoiler and now has plastic plugs in the screw holes.

Dan Shea
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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 08:16:25 AM »

ďCEL bulb is burned out so no warning lightĒ

Thatís the spirit.

Jeff Majarian
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